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What Does Tire Rotation Do?

Posted by Nesmith Chevrolet on Jul 18, 2017 1:00:00 PM

tirerotation.jpgFull-time drivers should never underestimate the importance of the routine tire rotation. It’s included in every standard vehicle check-up for a reason - a few important reasons, actually. Rotating your tires every once in a while increases their longevity and saves you money in the long run - and it does that in a number of ways.

Lessens the stress on your front tires

Most consumer-purchased vehicles are front-wheel drive. These types of vehicles move the front tires only to steer and give the vehicle it’s direction. Since the front tires are moving in different directions and more often, they tend to wear down faster than the back tires. Rotating the less-worn back tires to the front evens out the time spent on the front of the vehicle across two sets of tires instead of just one.

Spot Tire damage and malfunctions Early

More so than any other part of your vehicle, your tires are in danger of being damaged by road debris or poorly maintained pavement. Spotting tire damage early helps keep you and your passengers safe and saves your wallet the expenses of a costly blowout on the highway. When rotating tires, it’s easier to recognize damage to the inner tire or an equally difficult place to see when the tire is still attached to the car.

Keep Proper tire alignment 

By having your tires regularly rotated, it’s also easier to keep your tires aligned as they should be. Most service shops include tire alignment in with their rotation package; both tasks are linked and if you’re doing one of them, you might as well do the other too. And the alignment process is just as important as the rotation one. By maintaining a proper alignment, you can keep your left side and right side tires sharing the wear of the road, just like how tire rotation keeps your front and back tires even.

The savings afforded by keeping a tire rotation schedule is made that much more attractive when you consider how dangerous badly maintained tires are. Blowouts cost drivers millions in insurance payments every year - that’s money that can be saved by taking the extra time and investing the extra money to rotate your tires regularly.

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