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Vehicle Profile (Under 15,000): NEW 2017 CHEVROLET SPARK

Posted by Nesmith Chevrolet on Nov 14, 2017 1:40:00 PM

If you’re shopping for a new vehicle under $15,000, the options are few and far between. Used vehicles sales dominate this price range, and it’s no surprise that when given the choice between a more expensive model from a few years ago and a lower priced model from this year, most people choose the used over the new. However, that doesn’t mean that the newer vehicles in this price range aren’t worthwhile purchases. Today, we’ll be taking a good hard look at the 2017 Chevrolet Spark and deliver some quality reasons why it should be your next vehicle purchase.

The Basics:

MSRP range: $15,050 - $16,860

Price (after offers) range: $12,040 - $13,488

You can follow along on this page as we work through it:

Exterior Paint and Interior Coloring

Nesmith has several Chevrolet Sparks in stock, and the model comes in a handful of exterior colors ranging from a standard Silver Ice Metallic to a Splash Blue. Interior colorings stay locked to a Jet Black with Piano Black accents.

Premium Features Offered

The Chevy Sparks that top the pricing range around $13,000 are Hatch 1LT (Automatic) which means they come with a couple of extra features that their lower prices counterparts don’t have:

For entertainment:

  • 2 extra interior speakers
  • Trial for Sirius XM Radio (3 months)

For exterior:

  • A chrome front-facing grille
  • Heated navigation mirrors

For interior:

  • Accent color for the interior (Piano Black)
  • Fog lamps with chrome rings
  • Steering wheel controls, mounted audio and phone interface controls
  • Power windows
  • Foldable ignition keys
  • Cruise Control
  • Keyless entry (remote alarm included)
  • Car alarm
  • Door locks, power, emergency unlock, automatic

Additional Extra Features:

  • USB Port & Auxiliary Input Jack

The LS model Chevy Spark will not have the above features included, but will come standard with all of the same safety, mechanical, and warranty specifications as the Hatch 1LT (Automatic).

Fuel Economy

Fuel economy Chevy Spark

Premium Exterior (top of price range):

premium exterior for Chevy Spark

Standard Exterior (bottom of price range):

Exterior for Chevy Spark

Premium Interior (top of price range):

Premium Interior for Chevy Spark

Standard Interior (bottom of price range):

Interior of Chevy Spark

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