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Surviving the School Pick-Up Line

Posted by Nesmith Chevrolet on Aug 7, 2017 3:06:59 PM

back-to-schoolSchool is starting back all over Georgia and that can only mean that it's time to combat the pick-up line once again. If you feel overwhelmed every time you go to pick up your child from school, we've got a few tips to help you get through the line as effortlessly as possible.

Stay in the Appropriate Lane

Your school may have a designated lane for your child's age or class or you might talk to your child and agree for you to be in a specific line so they can find you easily. Whichever lane you end up in, be sure to stay there. With so many cars back to back, it can be dangerous or even impossible to maneuver around. 

Don't Park

Unless you need to speak with an educator or your child isn't aware he or she is being picked up, stay in the line instead of parking in the lot. You may think it's an easier choice but getting out of line, parking, walking across the lanes, getting your child, walking back, and finding your way out of the lot and back through the line to the road ends up being too much. 

Give Yourself Time

With so many other parents trying to collect their children as well, it can get chaotic. Slow down and give yourself enough time to make your way through the line. Whether that entails getting to the school early to be near the front of the line or factoring in how long you might need to wait before getting to the pick-up area, calculate this time into your schedule. 

Bring Snacks

After a long day of schoolwork, your child will be ready for a nutritious snack. Bring along peanuts, granola bars, fruit, or other snacks that your child can eat on the way home. As a bonus, you'll have something to munch on as you wait for school to let out and the line to move. 

Make this new school year the best one yet with these survival tips to make it through the pick-up line. 

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