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Over 40 Years and 500,000 served as a Georgia Chevrolet Dealership

Posted by Wynne Phillips on Feb 23, 2015 3:58:00 PM

Forty years ago, Martin Nesmith purchased a car dealership in a small South Georgia town, during the Arab Oil embargo. Now, with over 500,000 vehicles serviced in our award winning service department (Top GMC Service Dealer in the Southeast Region) and many other honors under our belt, we are just as proud to be a part of the Claxton community as we were four decades ago. 



Martin Nesmith lived on a farm in the South Georgia area during his childhood. After spending some time at college, the military, and Atlanta as a traveling representative for auto service equipment lines, he found himself in Claxton talking to the owner of the Chevrolet dealership here. In their conversation, Nesmith mentioned his desire to own a car dealership eventually and went on his way. 

Several weeks later, the owner remembered Mr. Nesmith's offhand comment when he found himself in financial difficulty due to the oil embargo. Knowing that he couldn't afford a car dealership, Nesmith declined but after many phone calls and a loan from his father, happily found himself with a car lot on his hands. At the tail end of the year 1974, Nesmith Chevrolet opened with seven employees to help run the show and they, with several additions, have been running the show very successfully since then.

Although Martin Nesmith is still very much in the dealer scene, he's passed a lot of the day-to-day responsibilities to his two sons, who have inherited their father's love for the car business. Demere Nesmith and his wife Ashley lead the Claxton branch, with Demere acting as dealer principal while Chad Nesmith is dealer principal at the Jesup dealership. Both sons have their own children that will likely follow in their father's and grandfather's footsteps. 


Throughout the years, the team has succeeded in becoming the largest General Motors parts operation in the Southeast, making it in the top 6 for the world rankings. Through opening another location, an appearance in Time Magazine, and sponsoring a short track race series the team has stayed true to their core values and just want to get you in the right car at the right price.

As we say here, "There ain't nothin' wrong with the right price."



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