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Emergency Vehicle Etiquette

Posted by Nesmith Chevrolet on Jul 31, 2017 10:38:01 PM

fire-truck-923240_1920.jpgWhen you see an emergency vehicle approach or you come across one on the road, they have the right-of-way. But what does this mean. How do you know where you should go or what to do when you hear an emergency vehicle siren? Here are the laws regarding emergency vehicle etiquette that will keep everyone safe and on track to their destinations. 

Stopped Vehicles

When an emergency vehicle is stopped on the side of the road, it's important to take everyone's safety into account. Look around at the traffic around you. If you can safely switch lanes to get further from the parked vehicles, doing so is encouraged. If changing lanes isn't possible, watch for anyone exiting or walking around the vehicles. 

Rubbernecking can cause even more trouble so try to keep your eyes on the road instead of watching the stopped vehicles. 

Approaching Vehicles 

Many times, emergency vehicles will be en route to their destination when you see them, usually with sirens, lights, or a combination of both. Safety is paramount when you come across one of these vehicles so it's important to again check the area around you and make the safest decision. This is almost always clearing the roadways so that the vehicle can pass. When safe, pull to the shoulder and wait for the ambulance, firetruck, or police car to clear your path before continuing on. If you can't pull over completely, slow down and move closer to the shoulder, giving the vehicle enough room. 

Safety always comes first, especially when some other trouble is afoot. Take care to look around for emergency vehicles and by knowing what to do when you see one, you'll only be aiding in the effort, instead of slowing it down. 

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