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Don't Forget: When Washing Your Truck

Posted by Nesmith Chevrolet on Sep 5, 2017 10:16:51 AM

washing-car-1397382_1920.jpgWhen you’re washing your car, you're going to miss a few spots here and there. Some spots are especially prone to forgetfulness and if you’re going to remember them next time, you’ll have to take the time to jot them down before your next washing. So, before you soap some water up and get your washcloths together, take note of these spots in particular.

Don’t Forget: Under your wheel guards

Few places need a good cleaning more than the undersides of your wheel guards. Most of all, road debris is thrown up into your wheel guards, and if your car or truck has pockets inside its wheel guards, they’ll get full of trash very quickly.

Dirt will also stick to the undersides of your wheel guards very easily, making it difficult for a good hose-over to wash them clean. After you’ve thoroughly cleaned the rest of the car, take another look underneath the wheel guards and give them a good scrubbing.

Don’t Forget: Under the hood

It’s perfectly okay to give your engine and its surrounding components a good rinse, and oftentimes, they really need it! The areas in-between your hood and your windshield are particularly notorious for holding lots of dirt and other road debris.

It’ll take more than a hose to get them clean - probably. A little bit of hand washing underneath your hood will go a long way. Of course, be careful of mixing water with your vehicle’s electronics. Most recent market cars and trucks have cases that store these sorts of vulnerable electronics away safe, but on older models steer clear of them.

Don’t Forget: The bed of the truck

A truck bed’s filth is almost always overlooked when owners move to finish a regular washing. Even further, some truck beds come with a plastic overlay that protects the bed from the elements. Unfortunately, dirt and other fine materials can get under this protective coat.

Most of these coatings have drip holes - however. It’s what keeps rain water from holding in the back of your truck. You can use these holes to clean up the undersides of your truck’s bed pretty easily. That way, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone - your drip holes will be clear for water to pass through and your actual truck bed with be clean!

Some more places you’d be savvy to check before you put away the water hose include: Your vehicle tag and tag lights, the top of your vehicle, and the undersides of your vehicle’s doors. If you’ve gotten all of them squeaky clean, your next washing might not be as difficult as this one!

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